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» Wheels for transport trolleys

Suitable for RO 64

Article No.DescriptionWheel Ø x wheel widthBracket made ofDesign wheelTotal lock brakeThread guardPrice for single itemsQuantity
RLGGV100x30P64x64Steering castor10 x 3 cmgalvanised steelnono€2.46
RLGGTV100x30P64x64Steering castor10 x 3 cmgalvanised steelyesno€7.67
RLGGFV100x30P64x64Steering castor10 x 3 cmgalvanised steelnoyes€2.98
RLGGTFV100x30P64x64Steering castor10 x 3 cmgalvanised steelyesyes€6.26
RBGGV100x34P64x64Rigid castor10 x 3.4 cmgalvanised steelnono€3.67
RLKNV100x34P64x64Steering castor10 x 3.4 cmgalvanised steelnono€3.02
RLKNTV100x34P64x64Steering castor10 x 3.4 cmgalvanised steelyesno€6.08
RBKNV100x34P64x64Rigid castor10 x 3.4 cmgalvanised steelnono€2.76
RLKNE100x27P64x64Steering castor10 x 2.7 cmStainless steel, polishednono€12.79
RLKNTE100x30P64x64Steering castor10 x 3 cmStainless steel, polishedyesno€11.81
RBKNE100x27P64x64Rigid castor10 x 2.7 cmStainless steel, polishednono€14.67
RLKSV100x30P64x64Steering castor10 x 3 cmgalvanised steelnono€2.37
RBKSV100x34P64x64Rigid castor10 x 3.4 cmgalvanised steelnono€1.93
RLESV100x30P64x64Steering castor10 x 3 cmgalvanised steelnono€4.17
RLESTV100x30P64x64Steering castor10 x 3 cmgalvanised steelyesno€6.10

Suitable for RO 86

Article No.DescriptionWheel Ø x wheel widthBracket made ofDesign wheelTotal lock brakeThread guardPrice for single itemsQuantity
RLGSV125x38P105x80Steering castor12.5 x 3.8 cmgalvanised steelnono€4.22
RLGSTV125x38P105x80Steering castor12.5 x 3.8 cmgalvanised steelyesno€7.21
RLGSFV125x38P105x80Steering castor12.5 x 3.8 cmgalvanised steelnoyes€5.31
RBGSV125x38P105x80Rigid castor12.5 x 3.8 cmgalvanised steelnono€3.86
RBGSFV125x38P105x80Rigid castor12.5 x 3.8 cmgalvanised steelnoyes€4.95
RLKNV125x34P105x80Steering castor12.5 x 3.4 cmgalvanised steelnono€4.15
RLKNTV125x34P105x80Steering castor12.5 x 3.4 cmgalvanised steelyesno€5.73
RLKNFV125x34P105x80Steering castor12.5 x 3.4 cmgalvanised steelnoyes€4.88
RBKNV125x34P105x80Rigid castor12.5 x 3.4 cmgalvanised steelnono€3.30
RBKNFV125x34P105x80Rigid castor12.5 x 3.4 cmgalvanised steelnoyes€3.69
RLKNE125x34P100x80Steering castor12.5 x 3.4 cmStainless steelnono€13.30
RBKNE125x34P100x80Rigid castor12.5 x 3.4 cmStainless steelnono€7.66
RLESV125x34P105x80Steering castor12.5 x 3.4 cmgalvanised steelnono€6.81
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