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AUER Packaging Label clip ET
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Label clip ET


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Keeping track of things easily

AUER Packaging's label clip for Euro containers is the simple solution for providing a quick overview of what is in your warehouse. A slip describing the contents is placed under the metal clip – job done!
  • Simple to install
  • For a quick overview


Suitable forAcrylic glass insertable viewing panels SLK ES, ESD ED 32/12 HG, ESD ED 32/17 HG, ESD ED 43/12 HG, ESD ED 43/17 HG, ESD ED 43/22 HG, ESD ED 43/27 HG, ESD ED 43/32 HG, ESD ED 43/75 HG, ESD ED 64/12 HG, ESD ED 64/17 HG, ESD ED 64/22 HG, ESD ED 64/27 HG, ESD ED 64/32 HG, ESD ED 64/42 HG, ESD ED 64/75 HG, ESD ED 86/12 HG, ESD ED 86/22 HG, ESD ED 86/32 HG, ESD ED 86/42 HG, ESD EG 32/12 HG, ESD EG 32/17 HG, ESD EG 43/12 HG, ESD EG 43/17 HG, ESD EG 43/22 HG, ESD EG 43/27 HG, ESD EG 43/32 HG, ESD EG 43/75 HG, ESD EG 64/12 HG, ESD EG 64/17 HG, ESD EG 64/22 HG, ESD EG 64/27 HG, ESD EG 64/32 HG, ESD EG 64/42 HG, ESD EG 64/75 HG, ESD EG 86/12 HG, ESD EG 86/22 HG, ESD EG 86/32 HG, ESD EG 86/42 HG, ED 43/12 1G, ED 43/17 1G, ED 43/22 1G, ED 43/75 1G, ED 86/32 1G, ED 43/12 2GL, ED 43/17 2GL, ED 43/22 2GL, ED 43/75 2GL, ED 43/12 2G, ED 43/17 2G, ED 43/22 2G, ED 43/75 2G, ED 43/12 3G, ED 43/17 3G, ED 43/22 3G, ED 43/75 3G, Euro containers perforated, EG 32/12 HG, EG 32/17 HG, ED 32/12 HG, ED 32/17 HG, ED 43/12 HG, ED 43/17 HG, ED 43/17, ED 43/22 HG, ED 43/22, ED 43/27 HG, ED 43/27, ED 43/32 HG, ED 43/32, ED 43/75 HG, ED 43/12 1S, ED 43/17 1S, ED 43/22 1S, ED 43/27 1S, ED 43/32 1S, Meat crates, Storage boxes with open front Euro format SLK ES, Storage boxes with open front Euro format SLK
MaterialStainless steel
Notenot suitable for EG 21512 and ED 21512
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