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» Screws & nuts

Article No.DescriptionSuitable forPrice for
single unit
Units on
Unit priceNominal diameterLengthMaterialStandard designationQuantity
S M8Nut M8 ISO 4035€0.110€0.088 mmSteelISO 4035
S SK60 L16-TCountersunk screw, Torx screw for thermoplastics€0.180€0.146 mm16 mmSteel
S FK40 L12-TPan head screw, Torx screw for thermoplastics€0.050€0.044 mm12 mmSteel
S FK60 L14-TPan head screw, Torx screw (T) for thermoplastics€0.040€0.046 mm14 mm
S SK30 L12-TCountersunk screw, Torx screw for thermoplastics€0.130€0.133 mm12 mm
S ZK8 L40Cylinder head M8x40 ISO 4762€0.670€0.528 mm40 mmSteelISO 4762
S HM8Cap nut M8 DIN 917€0.660€0.50SteelDIN 982
S SK60 L14-LTorx countersunk screw for light metals€0.090€0.07Steel
S SM8Washer M8 ISO 7090€0.050€0.04SteelISO 7090
S G 1745Rubber cushion€0.200€0.15Rubber
S G EK025Rubber cushion€1.750€1.34Rubber
S SK6 L12Screw M6x12 ISO 10642€0.180€0.146 mm12 mmSteelISO 10642
S F8 L57Spiral spring€0.070€0.06Steel
S G 1712Rubber cushion€0.200€0.15Rubber
S SK6 L8Screw M6x8 ISO 10642€0.240€0.186 mm8 mmSteelISO 10642
S M6Nut M6 DIN 1661€0.090€0.076 mmSteelDIN 1661
S N4 L10Blind rivets Ø4x10 AIA/St, Øk12€0.130€0.10Steel
S SK40 L24-TCountersunk screw, Torx screw for thermoplastics€0.180€0.144 mm24 mmSteel
S SKS 16Special screw SKS€2.060€1.5816 mmSteel
S R AV20Retaining ring AV20on request0on request
S FK40 L12Pan head screw, screw for thermoplasticson request0on request
0/0624/001/01Hexagon nuts Cl.8on request200on requestElectrogalvanizedDIN 934
0/2171/001/01Eyebolts Type 48 with metric threadon request200on requestElectrogalvanized
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