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Stackable containers

Stackable containers made by AUER Packaging

The stackable containers made by AUER Packaging are practical jacks-of-all-trades that you can use to store and transport your products. Thanks to their perfectly coordinated dimensions, these containers are the ideal way to store products in a secure, space-saving manner. The special form of the stackable containers enables them to mesh, a feature that allows a number of the plastic containers to be easily stacked on top of one another. The range of stackable containers made by AUER Packaging meets the needs of the widest range of industries. From the practical Eurobox for storage and transport of textiles, small parts and many more to small load container boxes developed especially for the automotive industry – AUER containers always meet the highest quality standards and are produced exclusively in Germany.

Stackable storage boxes that meet your exact needs

AUER’s plastic stackable storage boxes come in a wide range of base sizes and heights. Solid Euro containers come in a size of 80x60x42 cm. Perforated Euro containers are available in a standard size of 60x40 cm and come in heights of up to 42 cm. AUER KLT box dimensions are up to 80x60x21 cm. You can also choose from a range of RAL colours in AUER’s online shop – a selection that enables the plastic stackable containers to be optimally integrated into your warehouse and transport operations. Both the Euro containers and the small load container boxes are equipped with lids that enable palletised products to be optimally and safely stacked.

Uses of stacking storage boxes

Solid Euro containers are the classic version of stackable boxes. They come in a large range of sizes and as a result can be used universally. The Euro container with a hinged lid provides additional protection to your products. Perforated Euro containers are perfectly suitable for storage and transport of contens which are not to be stored airtight, for example if they contain residual moisture. Special meat crates have been developed for use in storing and transporting meat and cold cuts. These containers prevent pools of water from forming and are optimally designed for the handling of meat and cold cuts. AUER’s small load container boxes are typically used in the warehouse and logistics operations of the automotive industry. Thanks to their unique design, these special plastic containers made of polypropylene are perfectly suited for highly automated production operations. They are also stackable.

The strengths of stackable containers

Stackable, Euro-format boxes can be easily placed on top of one another and transported on Euro pallets thanks to their standardised Euro dimensions. They can lower your transport costs as a result. Thanks to the high-quality manufacturing process used to make the containers and their ergonomic forms, warehouse loads are easy to carry and handle. The broad range of stackable boxes made by AUER Packaging comprises eight different plastic models and can be used in many different ways. Both the Euro container and the KLT boxes were developed in accordance with the Euro standard. They correspond to established Euro formats as a result. You can safely and easily store and transport products with an AUER stackable container.

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