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KLT boxes

The KLT boxes made by AUER Packaging

What are the strengths and features of small load container boxes?

KLT boxes are modular and have been designed for use on surface areas of 120x80 cm and 120x100 cm. They can be used universally as a result. Standardised design features facilitate the streamlining of transport, storage and conveying technology. KLT boxes are perfect for highly automated manufacturing processes and are primarily used in the automotive industry. Heavy loads and the use of pulling technology pose no problems thanks to the reinforced impact surfaces on the front and long side of the KLT boxes. Lifting slots facilitate the vertical attachment of gripping devices, and special holes the fixing of lid sealings. Small load container boxes are also equipped with ergonomic grips, a feature that facilitates comfortable and safe job performance. Integrated label holders provide an overview of your production operation. Thanks to its safety rim height, a number of containers can be stacked on top of one another. As a standardised container based on the stringent requirements of the German Association of the Automotive Industry, the KLT boxes can be combined with other standardised products used in warehousing and logistics.

How many models of KLT boxes does AUER Packaging make?

The KLT boxes made by AUER Packaging come in a variety of models. The RL KLT container features a smooth bottom that includes drainage holes. By contrast, the R KLT container system comes with a ribbed base with stacking supports and a stacking nut that ensures complete functional safety in a filled state. The range of KLT boxes is complemented by foldable models. This model combines the strengths of the KLT series with the space-saving properties of foldable boxes. It has a volume of up to 49.5 litres. AUER Packaging also offers conductive ESD versions of the R KLT container, the RL KLT container and the foldable KLT container. KLT boxes are primarily used in the automotive industry to store and transport small parts. SK open front boxes are designed in particular for other industries where they can be used to store small parts.

What are the right accessories for KLT boxes?

The pallet place-on lid developed specially for KLT boxes by AUER Packaging will protect your products when they are palletised and stacked. The place-on lid is designed for use on all models in the line of KLT boxes. Four banding grooves and two skids running lengthwise stabilise the fitted pallet and enable you to safely stack your products. The lid used on the KLT container also protects your products when they are not palletised. Thanks to their integrated lid slits and special holes, lid sealings can also be affixed.

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