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AUER Packaging Set for growth

Set for growth

2021 was a year marked by strong growth at AUER Packaging. Key foundations had already been laid in this respect in 2020 by focusing on improved efficiency and more effective logistics. The massive expansion of the warehousing and dispatch team, the digitalisation of logistics processes and a further increase in production capacities led to record sales of almost EUR 120 million in 2021. The previous record level from 2018 was therefore surpassed by about 20%. EBITDA grew continually from EUR 14.7 million in 2018 to 29.6 million in 2021. This was outdone only by the growth of our team in this period, namely from 70 to about 200 employees.

AUER Packaging First product innovations for 2022 online

First product innovations for 2022 online

Numerous innovative product enhancements are planned for 2022. The first of these are already available in the online shop: To bring even more order to our popular rack boxes, precisely fitting partitions are now available. The partitions are inserted into the guide slots on the walls of the containers to ensure a secure hold. Not only do they look chic with their bevelled front edge, they are also especially ergonomic.

The second innovation that is already available are the cubed foam inserts for Euro containers. They have already successfully proven their worth with protective cases and now ensure that the content of Euro containers can also be stowed in a non-slip and shockproof manner. The pre-punched cube structure enables precise adjustment of the pad to the content, for example to a camera or measurement device. Multiple pad inserts can be used depending on the height of the container, which means that the shape of the content can be reproduced three-dimensionally.

AUER Packaging First trade-fair appearance in two years

First trade-fair appearance in two years

Finally back at a trade fair – and at the leading packaging exhibition at that! The industry visitors at FachPack 2021 in Nuremberg had an opportunity to learn all about our comprehensive, proven and cross-industry line of products at our approximately 440-square-metre booth. AUER Packaging was the exhibitor with the most spacious booth at the trade fair. “The opportunity to meet in person once again with customers, partners and journalists after such a long time and to see them once again in the productive atmosphere of FachPack after the extended, corona-driven discontinuation of exhibitions was worth its weight in gold,” said Robert and Philipp Auer, the Managing Directors of AUER Packaging. “FachPack was and is the industry’s leading meeting site – we were happy that we were able to be there once again and have the size of booth that visitors are used to seeing!”

AUER Packaging AUER containers in vaccine logistics

AUER containers in vaccine logistics

Did you know that the plastic intermediate bulk container (IBC) has played and is still playing a major role in the vaccination programme being waged to fight the coronavirus? AUER Packaging’s collapsible IBC containers that are equipped with a hygienic bag-in-the-box system and are perfectly designed for the effective transport of liquids are being used to ship key chemical components in vaccine production around the world. The design principle of the IBC combines a robust large load carrier that can be collapsed in a space-saving manner during empty transports with cost-effective and totally hygienic disposal liner bags. Thanks to this hygienic concept, the collapsible IBC can also be used in production facilities that have to meet the very highest hygienic standards – like the pharmaceutical industry.

AUER Packaging Construction of the logistics centre in Amerang gets underway

Construction of the logistics centre in Amerang gets underway

Ready, set, go! After intensive planning, construction of the new logistics centre is now underway. The fully automated high-bay storage system will create numerous new jobs on site and is set to commence operations in summer 2022. The project is part of a series of investments and construction work intended to boost our company's performance and further improve its range of services: after production hall 3 was brought on stream in autumn 2020 and 15 extra injection moulding machines were purchased, including three of the largest in Bavaria, the new logistics centre is now being constructed at the Auer premises which now measure approx. 83,000 m2. The high-bay storage system, which will have 20,000 pallet storage spaces and will boast a floorspace measuring 6,000 m2, will optimise logistics processes on site. Part of the project involves a large photovoltaic system with 1.5 megawatts. The climate-neutral power it produces will be used to run the machines in the company’s own power supply system. Continuously updated images from our construction site webcam can be found here.

AUER Packaging 3<sup>rd</sup> production hall for our largest products

3rd production hall for our largest products

Built in 2019 and equipped with machinery and brought on stream in 2020 – that is, in a nutshell, the story behind the development of the 3rd production hall in Amerang. The fact that this hall boasts exactly the same architecture as the two pre-existing halls means that another 3,000 m2 of production space were created. Hall 3 is responsible for some really big things, literally: only large-format products leave its production lines, such as Euro-format and DIN-format plastic pallets as well as big boxes and large load carriers with a capacity of up to 1,000 litres. At present, a total of six machines are in use here, including one of the largest injection moulding machines in Bavaria with a locking force of 4,500 tonnes. And the fleet of machines is set to grow even further: two more of the XXL machines and two more with a locking force of 1,700 tonnes have been ordered and will be delivered and brought on stream in spring and autumn 2021.

AUER Packaging Private customers profit from a tax cut

Private customers profit from a tax cut

On 1 July, Germany’s value-added tax rate was cut from 19 percent to 16 percent. As part of this cut, our net prices will remain constant. But our gross prices will drop by nearly 3 percent. This is great news for all private customers and clubs that are not entitled to an input tax deduction and that will profit from the entire tax cut!

For our business customers, the value-added tax is treated in accounting terms as a transitory item, the amount of which has no impact on operating results. They can continue to count on stable net prices.

AUER Packaging Many products ready for dispatch within 24 hours!

Many products ready for dispatch within 24 hours!

You’ve probably already noticed: For some weeks now, several of our product categories have been given a special designation. These products are shipped within 24 hours after receiving your order. The amount of time the shipping company needs for the delivery depends on several factors. But the bottom line is this: These products will reach you much faster than before.

Making this possible is the massive expansion of our production and storage capacities that we had pushed ahead with previously. And these efforts are continuing to make significant progress: We’ll be putting an additional production hall into operation in the near future, and we’ve begun construction of a high-performance logistics centre on our premises.

We’re already able to produce many very popular products to have in stock when you place your order so you’ll receive your AUER containers as soon as possible. And we’re continuously adding more product categories and models to our 24-hour range!

AUER Packaging Coronavirus: what customers of AUER Packaging need to know now

Coronavirus: what customers of AUER Packaging need to know now

AUER Packaging has been able to proceed with the daily business under the current circumstances.

Please note that the present situation can change quickly. In case of any news or changes with regards to the daily business, we will try to inform you ASAP.

AUER Packaging is able to produce and deliver to the usual extend. Our current material stock lasts for 6 months and we will be in a position to produce and dispatch.

AUER Packaging A very British affair: Rolls-Royce’s engine division orders AUER containers
User reports

A very British affair: Rolls-Royce’s engine division orders AUER containers

For decades, the name Rolls-Royce has been synonymous with extremely high-quality products. We are therefore particularly honoured that the British company has chosen us to supply it with high-quality plastic containers. Rolls-Royce not only manufactures exclusive cars but also aircraft engines. An order was placed in December for this business area which was primarily for Euro containers with hinge lids and solid (closed) big boxes. Thanks to their automation-friendly design, our containers meet the high standards of this renowned long-established manufacturer and its requirements in terms of modern and efficient intralogistics.


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