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ESD pallets

ESD pallets: strong, black and conductive

“Electrostatic discharge” is a very important aspect of the transport and storage of sensitive electronic components. This is why ESD products like ESD pallets are made of a special plastic to which conductive carbon fibres are added during production. This conductivity prevents charges from being created by friction and impedes the development of charges during the transport and storage of electronic components. The carbon fibres used in the ESD products are the source of their black colour.

No flying sparks with ESD pallets

Many electronic components, including computer chips and transistors, have to be protected from electrostatic discharges to prevent them from being quickly damaged. ESD pallets are the best way to protect these components and the products that are made with them during transport and storage. The lightweight ESD pallets with the grid deckboard impress users with their very low weight and high level of stability. The plastic pallets can also be stacked to save space. You can choose from feet or skids for your pallets. But the ESD medium pallets are something else entirely. Skids are the best way for them to provide increased stability and load-bearing strength. The deckboard’s grid structure is composed of much more material than that of the lightweight pallet.

ESD pallets with a solid base

By using the extremely tough solid ESD pallet, you can safely protect large loads from electrostatic discharges. The smooth surface is easy to clean and can also be ordered with or without a retaining edge. Another optional feature is steel-pipe reinforcement, an addition that creates even more stability and loading capacity. By using these pallets, you will safely protect sensitive and very heavy electronic equipment and components from electrostatic damage while being stored or transported.

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