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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

User account

  • Do I have to register if I want to submit an order in the AUER online shop?
    No, you can also order as a guest.
  • How can I register as a customer?
    Place your required products into the shopping cart and open it. After clicking on “Go to checkout”, you have the option of registering as a customer.
  • Is my data secure if I register as a customer?
    Customer details are saved in a state-of-the-art data processing centre in Germany and are never forwarded to third parties for advertising purposes.
  • What information is available to me in the user account?
    In your user account, you can view personal details, the invoice and delivery address you have saved, and your current orders.
  • Can I view previous orders?
    Yes, you can find a list of your placed orders as well as the corresponding order status in your user account.
  • How do I change my user details in my account?
    To do so, simply log into your user account. You can change the saved details by clicking on the “Change” link in the “Personal details” field.
  • How can I have my user account deleted?
    You can delete your customer account simply by logging into the customer account and clicking on “Delete Customer Account” in the overview.


  • Do AUER products carry a guarantee?
    If you purchase from AUER Packaging as a private customer, a warranty period of two years applies. Warranty claims can be asserted within this period. A warranty period of one year applies to business customers.
  • Is there a minimum order quantity for products?
    No – our full range can be delivered from quantities of one unit.
  • Can products also be ordered in special colours?
    Yes, an overview of the available special colours can be found on the product detail page. You can open the product detail page by clicking on the required product in the product list. To the right of the product image, you will find various configuration options, e.g. special colours.
  • Is there a bulk discount?
    Yes, accepting an entire pallet reduces the unit price. Both prices – the unit price as well as the pallet price – can be viewed in the product list and on the product detail page. Open the product detail page by clicking on the required product in the product list.
  • How do I find out which product is most suitable for me?
    Our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have on our products at any time. Simply phone us at +49 (0)8075 91333-840 or email our support team at .
  • What is a “unitised load”?
    A unitised load exists if the entire area of a product is loaded by an area of identical size. Example: a lightweight 80 x 60 cm pallet is not loaded across its entire area if 4 Euro containers are distributed over the area. However, a unitised load does exist if one/several Euro containers of the same size (80 x 60 cm) are stacked on the lightweight pallet.
  • Which tolerances apply to AUER Packaging products?
    We manufacture our products in accordance with DIN 16742 (plastic moulded parts – tolerances and acceptance conditions).


  • Can a payment be made on an invoice basis?
    Yes, you can pay via invoice, provided that you have already ordered from AUER Packaging on previous occasions or have a customer account. For new customers, we reserve the right to change the payment methods if necessary to advance payment.
  • What are the available payment options?
    Advance payment is available as standard. Customers who have already ordered from AUER Packaging on previous occasions or have a customer account can pay via invoice.
  • Can I pay in instalments?
    No, payment in instalments is not currently offered.


  • When do I order as a private customer and when as a business customer?
    If you are ordering on behalf of a company and will use the goods for commercial purposes, you should purchase as a business customer. If you use the ordered goods for private purposes, you must order as a private customer.
  • How do I switch from being a private customer to being a business customer and vice-versa?
    If you are visiting our online ship for the first time, a red bar will appear above the menu, indicating that you are currently shopping as a business customer. Switch to private customer view by clicking on “Here”. You also have the option of changing the customer views on the product detail page using the “Request Quote” button. You can open the product detail page by clicking on the required product in the product list.
  • Where can I order an AUER catalogue from and how do I order it?
    To do so, click on “Service” and then on “Catalogue” in the website footer. In the following view, you can download our catalogue as a PDF or have it sent free of charge by post.
  • What is the difference between the language and country selection?
    The selected country should always match that of the invoice address. However, please be aware that the country selection may have an effect on prices or delivery times. The language can be selected regardless of the country. If you are currently in Germany but prefer to browse our online shop in a different language, you can change it at any time.

Delivery and shipment

  • Can I track the status of the delivery using a link?
    Yes, you can track your order if it is delivered by GLS or Dachser. A tracking link is sent to you automatically by email.
  • Can I determine the delivery time?
    Yes, the delivery time can be conditionally determined by a delivery tracking enquiry to your customer account manager. The requirements for this are that the requested items are in stock and the shipping company has a suitable truck available.
  • How high are the shipping costs?
    Shipping costs vary according to country, but can be viewed in the order process under “Check order”. Delivery is free if the net order value is or above.
  • Can I avoid shipping costs?
    Yes, delivery is free if the net order value is or above.
  • Which shipping companies ship the orders?
    Your order will be shipped either by GLS or by the shipping company Dachser, depending on the delivery scope. Your order confirmation will show which service provider is used to ship the goods.
  • Can I track the delivery of my order?
    Yes, if you order has left our warehouse, you will automatically receive an email with a link to track the shipment. If your order is delivered by Dachser, you will also have the option of requesting a shipping notice by phone for a fee. To use this option, simply select the additional service “Notification by phone” in the ordering process under “Address & Payment”. Dachser will then contact you to notify you of the delivery date of your shipment.

Complaints and returns

  • Can I also return products?
    No, you cannot cancel the order as a business customer.
  • Who bears the costs of return shipping?
    If the customer returns a shipment based on a complaint, the costs are borne by AUER Packaging. This applies to private as well as business customers. If the goods are cancelled by a private customer, the customer shall bear the costs.
  • What do I do if I have a complaint?
    In the event of a complaint, you can use our complaint form. Alternatively, you can send the written complaint to us by email, fax or post, including the description, photo and order details. Our customer service team will then be in touch shortly.


Configure your chosen item entirely in line with your needs:

Select the required colour for the individual components of the item.


Fine-tune the item with a motif of your choice. After order completion, you will automatically receive information about next steps as well as a proof by email.

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