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Big boxes solid

AUER Packaging Big boxes solid Title image
  • Can be delivered from 1 unit
  • Customisable

Large, sturdy size

AUER Packaging's closed collapsible big box is characterised by its sturdy construction and solid side walls. It conforms to ISO and EURO formats and, due to its large capacity, is especially suitable for the storage and transportation of bulky, heavy goods.
  • ISO and EURO formats
  • Choice of skids, feet, or wheels
  • Easy to clean
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Big boxes solid

Outer dimensions
L x W x H
Article No.ColourDesignPrice for
single unit
Units per stack
on truck
Unit price
on truck
Ready for shipment inQuantity
80 x 60 x 79 cm
BBG 86
4 feet€98.936
approx. 1 business days
80 x 60 x 93 cm
4 wheels€123.656
approx. 3 business days
120 x 80 x 79 cm
BBG 1208
4 feet€149.653
approx. 2 business days
120 x 80 x 79 cm
BBG 1208K
3 skids€167.423
approx. 3 business days
120 x 80 x 79 cm
UN BBG 1208K
3 skids, UN approval€175.313
approx. 5 business days
120 x 80 x 93 cm
BBG 1208R
4 wheels€172.043
approx. 4 business days
120 x 100 x 79 cm
BBG 1210
4 feet€174.204
approx. 5 business days
120 x 100 x 79 cm
BBG 1210K
3 skids€191.984
approx. 4 business days
120 x 100 x 79 cm
UN BBG 1210K
3 skids, UN approval€199.874
approx. 6 business days
120 x 100 x 93 cm
BBG 1210R
4 wheels€196.604
approx. 7 business days
120 x 100 x 100 cm
MBG 1210
4 feet€231.382
approx. 1 business days
120 x 100 x 100 cm
MBG 1210K
3 skids€250.342
approx. 1 business days
120 x 100 x 114 cm
MBG 1210R
4 wheels€255.272
approx. 3 business days
All prices excl. VAT

The solid big box made by AUER Packaging

What are the strengths and features of the solid big box?

This huge container goes by the name of big box solid because of its solid side walls. Unlike the big box with ventilation slits, the content in this model is well-protected from outside influences. Thanks to their integrated plastic pallet, the solid big boxes made by AUER Packaging are also especially stable. For this reason, solid storage boxes are the perfect way to store and transport large and bulky products in a safe, space-saving manner. The standardised dimensions of these large storage boxes will enable you to stack several of them on top of one another and optimally use your storage area in the process. Solid big boxes are a breeze to clean thanks to their smooth inner and outer walls.

Where can big boxes be used?

The solid big boxes made by AUER Packaging provide a high level of transport safety despite their comparatively low weight. Heavy, high-volume loads can be safely transported and stored as a result of the container’s especially robust design and capacity of up to 900 litres. No matter whether you will use them for transport or storage purposes – plastic big boxes are the ideal complement to every warehouse. With the solid, food-safe big boxes made by AUER Packaging, hard materials used in the widest range of industries can be transported from point A to point B. Special IBCs have been developed for the job of storing and transporting liquid goods. You can choose here from water-tank or bag-in-box systems. To maintain a perfect overview of your warehouse, we recommend that you use a range of different coloured big boxes. By doing so, you can constantly keep track of your storage facility and sort its contents in a well-structured manner.

What are the right accessories for solid big boxes?

A place-on lid for big boxes will provide extra protection for your products during storage and transport. They can be stacked with or without a lid. A range of solid big boxes is offered by the AUER online shop: from containers with a capacity of 379 litres to 900 litres to those equipped with feet, casters or skids. Individual casters for folding and big boxes are optionally available for self-assembly.

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