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Maxi KLT containers

AUER Packaging Maxi KLT containers Title image
  • Can be delivered from 1 unit
  • Customisable
The Maxi-KLT container by AUER Packaging boasts an exceptionally large capacity. Small load carriers (in German "Kleinladungsträger", or "KLT" for short) have been developed specifically for the automotive industry and are ideal for use in automated production processes.
  • High capacity
  • Withstands temperatures from -20° to 100°C
  • With adhesive surfaces for barcode
  • Smooth underside with drainage holes
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Maxi KLT containers

Outer dimensions
L x W x H
Article No.Base designColourVolumePrice for
single unit
Units on
Unit price
on pallet
Ready for shipment inQuantity
80 x 60 x 22 cm
RL-KLT 8210 g
Smooth, closed with drainage holes79 liter€27.6120
approx. 1 business days
120 x 40 x 14.7 cm
KLT 12415
Reinforced, closed60.3 liter€47.0632
approx. 1 business days
All prices excl. VAT

Maxi KLT containers: colossal boxes

KLT containers come in standardised sizes on the basis of base surfaces of 120x80 cm and 120x100 cm. They are indispensable members of the automotive industry in particular. You may need more of some parts than you do of others. When many of the same parts have to be used at once in a production step, you will probably need to use a somewhat larger small load container boxes. In such cases, the maxi KLT container made by AUER Packaging is your container of choice.

KLT containers for big jobs

We have come up with two possible ways to pack a lot of things into a maxi KLT container: You can select the long version with the low side walls (120x40x14.7 cm) or the short version with high side walls (80x60x22 cm) for stackable small parts. We can provide you with the container that best suits your production needs. In addition to the large amount of volume offered by the containers, you can select from the original colours that we offer for KLT containers. This is a practical step to take if your production processes are to be streamlined by using colour-coded containers. As a way of continuously providing automated production processes with the correct information, the maxi KLT containers come with an adhesive surface for barcodes.

Configure your chosen item entirely in line with your needs:

Select the required colour for the individual components of the item.


Fine-tune the item with a motif of your choice. After order completion, you will automatically receive information about next steps as well as a proof by email.

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