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Coronavirus: what customers of AUER Packaging need to know now. Learn more Close

Coronavirus: what customers of AUER Packaging need to know now

AUER Packaging has been able to proceed with the daily business under the current circumstances.

Please note that the present situation can change quickly. In case of any news or changes with regards to the daily business, we will try to inform you ASAP.

AUER Packaging is able to produce and deliver to the usual extend. Our current material stock lasts for 6 months and we will be in a position to produce and dispatch.

Does AURE Packaging also deliver to Corona crisis areas?

Our hauliers have assured us that they will continue to deliver to areas which have been categorized as critical by the WHO as far as the local authorities will allow this. At present, we do not expect a long delivery delay in the course of the closure of the borders for travel in Europe. Exception is Spain where transport of goods has been prohibited for now, starting 17th March. In the Czech Republic, the transport of goods has been restricted for a few areas for one week for now.

For further information on delivery restrictions and bans for European countries and regions please visit the pages of our logistics partners:

What happens with our delivery if our company or subsidiary must be closed?

AUER Packaging asks all customers who have to shut down due to the pandemic to immediately inform their responsible contact at AUER Packaging. We will store the delivery for free and will ship as soon as the company is in a position to receive the order. If the goods ordered have already left our factory or if AUER Packaging was not informed in due time, we have to invoice the additional costs incl. 2nd attempt for delivery, return and possible storage costs of the forwarder.

Does the pandemic affect lead times?

At present, we presume that our logistic partners can adhere to the lead times stipulated by AUER Packaging. We do not expect a long delivery delay in the course of the closure of the borders for travel in Europe, exceptions being Spain and the Czech Republic.

Does AUR Packaging have a pandemic plan?

Yes, the management has made a plan how AUER Packaging will react to possible further restrictions in production and goods trade to maintain operation as long as possible. We, of course, already adhere to any official orders and demands to protect our staff and customers in the best way possible.

as of: 17. March 2020

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