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AUER Packaging AUER Packaging up close and personal

AUER Packaging up close and personal

Fasten your seatbelts. We are taking off! If you have ever wanted to know where and how we make our products, now is your opportunity. We would like to invite you to take a lightning-like flight through every area and department of the company. But don’t worry if you happen to be afraid of heights or flying. All you have to do is simply sit back and relish the images captured by the drone that we flew through the company’s entire site.

The result was some spectacular images, ranging from the reception area and administrative offices to the production halls equipped with powerful injection moulding machines and our brand-new, highly automated logistics centre. The drone flight will also take you through our in-house fitness studio and the cafeteria where our team eats – awesome images and comical-creative camera tricks that will bring a smile to your face. Have we whetted your appetite? Then get ready for takeoff at

AUER Packaging Record trade-fair booth in new design

Record trade-fair booth in new design

Following a successful trade-fair appearance at Logimat 2023 in Stuttgart, AUER Packaging presented its products a few days later at another major trade fair held in Germany: Interpack opened its doors in Düsseldorf for the first time in six years. AUER Packaging was represented at the exhibition by one of the largest contiguous trade-fair booths in the company’s history. As if that were not enough – the approximately 400-square-metre booth used a concept and design that differed significantly from past trade fairs. As a result of the changes, numerous international visitors had a chance to get a close-up view of the company during a fast-cut camera flight through every area and department of the company. The spectacular video was shown on two huge screens that had been integrated into the back wall of the booth. The design of the AUER booth also underwent a makeover. It replaced the silver and wooden tones used in the past with a distinctive shade of white. A striking contrast was created by the refined colour of anthracite that covered the booth’s floor. The video, in which we incorporated several shots of the trade fair, provided visitors with an initial impression of the new booth concept.

AUER Packaging was more than satisfied with the number of visitors and the quality of contacts it made at the exhibition. The company also saw these results as a further reason to continue presenting its products at Germany’s leading trade fairs for packaging and logistics.

AUER Packaging System table Pro – the rolling work bench

System table Pro – the rolling work bench

In 2022, AUER Packaging presented an array of refined new products. The next wave of product innovations is now entering the picture: The system table with its strong worktop and lockable smooth-rolling casters combines the qualities of a work bench with the multifaceted features of the proven system trolley. The system table really shines when a work or assembly island has to be set up in various places at a company: Work tools are stored in one or more container modules that are equipped with high-quality drawers. The tools are always in reach as a result. With the help of the system table, you can set up the table exactly where you need it in your operation. You can lock the wheel stops into place to facilitate safe-working conditions. One special strength of the system table is its multifaceted uses: A number of different configurations were developed for the launch of sales, from the basic model without a container and a basic model with an appropriate worktop and four Euro containers to versions that include two container modules. Customers can also decide whether they want to have a surface coating and whether the worktop should be flush or protruding. The latter option is helpful if, for instance, you would like to attach a vice or clamp to the worktop.

The product line of system tables is being rapidly expanded: If you do not need a mobile table, you can select the model that is equipped with feet instead of casters. We also offer a solid-wood version of the worktop that complements the multilayer model. You can also order special sizes and other product features by using our online configurator.

AUER Packaging General test for the new high-bay storage system

General test for the new high-bay storage system

Following an intensive phase of planning and nearly two years of construction, our new logistics centre is now set to achieve great things! The final practical test will be conducted this month with about 1,000 pallets. In the process, the state-of-the-art warehouse will be put through its paces once again. Things will really kick into motion in April, when the storage capacity of the Amerang Technology Park will quadruple to a total of 20,000 pallet storage spaces! As a result, all Auer products in a logistics chain will be stored in one place for the first time, a change that will facilitate a high level of process speed and optimal space usage. The production operation in three halls will then be directly connected to the new warehouse in a completely automated system. This means one thing: even better performance and service for Auer customers.

AUER Packaging Record turnover of €130 million

Record turnover of €130 million

Far-sighted investments in the business location and an early commitment to high-performance digital intralogistics pay off in big ways: In 2022, Auer generated a record €130 million in turnover in spite of global crises and even topped the high-turnover year of 2021. EBITDA improved by nearly 20 percent: Auer generated a total of €36.8 million here. The company’s workforce rose to about 200 employees. The family-run company has been generating continuous growth for years. It picked up additional momentum last year as a result of major orders placed by the recycling industry and the launch of the company’s own kitchen & lifestyle brand, which is named after the company’s founder, the visionary Robert Auer. Drawing on 35 years of experience in plastic processing and packaging design, the company created a broad spectrum of more than 70 kitchen products, ranging from measuring spoons to steamers. 2022 was also a year of product development in the area of packaging. For the company’s Euro containers, Auer Packaging introduced seven innovative enhancements, including a practical connection system and a hinged lid that keeps splash water and dust at bay. The company got the new financial year off to a successful start by opening its new logistics centre in Amerang right on schedule.

AUER Packaging Innovative solutions for Euro containers and system trolleys

Innovative solutions for Euro containers and system trolleys

An entire series of product innovations has been introduced right in time for FachPack in Nuremberg, Germany. These innovations begin with Euro containers equipped with the Pro hinged lid, a feature in which an integrated rubber seal encircles the rim. Working with a clamping lever, the seal helps to keep the container’s content safely protected from most external effects.

Euro-format storage boxes with open fronts now come with transparent viewing flaps. These flaps provide a clear overview of the content and fast access to it.

Closed Euro containers equipped with the new coupling system can be locked and reopened with a flick of the wrist. The coupling system enables a stack of Euro containers to be turned into a compact tower that can be handled like one single container.

The colourful covers are now available for Euro containers, and these covers can be used to close the open handles by a simple clipping process. They also make it possible to easily create a colour-coded organisational system.

New additions to the system trolleys for Euro containers include versions without drawers in which the containers can hold rigid or inclinable trays as well as a model equipped with pallet-format XXL trays – for really big loads!

AUER Packaging Hitting the mark in searching for a container
User reports

Hitting the mark in searching for a container

The traditional brand Schwalbe was the first bicycle tyre manufacturer to introduce a system for returning and recycling used bicycle tyres of all brands. Old tyres thus become new Schwalbe tyres – all without waste and with CO2 savings of 80 per cent. Although it sounds relatively simple, it requires plenty of technology and expertise in development. In addition to the technical questions about the new circular economy, there was one logistical hurdle above all: the input material has to be collected and transported across a wide area. So the list of requirements was lengthy: the container had to be extremely stable and retain its shape, so that the sides would not warp under the heavy loads. Additionally, it needed to be weatherproof, since it would be set up outdoors. And it had to have a lid in order to protect the contents from weather conditions. And, finally, the container should collapsible to save space during transport back to its location. The search engine returned a single manufacturer that met these criteria: AUER Packaging. The winner was the collapsible large load carrier GLT 1210/125 with place-on lid – produced in black from reclaimed materials to match the customer and the topic. Following the successful project launch, there are currently 2,000 AUER boxes being used as the fundamental component of Schwalbe’s new logistics system for bicycle tyre recycling.

AUER Packaging AUER GmbH to become new umbrella brand

AUER GmbH to become new umbrella brand

AUER Packaging GmbH to become AUER GmbH: The new name provides a solid foundation for the company’s existing brand structure. Over the course of the 35-year history of the company, we have developed multiple product lines that are directed at different target groups. Now it’s time to give the company a new structure to help our customers better find their way in our brand and product portfolio.

To date, the company had done business as AUER Packaging GmbH – and the products in the transport and logistics segment were sold under this name. In April 2022 we added the lifestyle brand ROBERT AUER, which complements the portfolio with products in the kitchen and living segment. To create greater clarity, AUER Packaging and ROBERT AUER will be continued as independent brands under the shared umbrella of AUER GmbH going forward.

AUER Packaging Mounted on the wall or floor

Mounted on the wall or floor

The heart of the system boxes made by AUER Packaging is their innovative coupling system. The system enables the boxes to be quickly and securely attached to one another, on special transport rollers, on hand trolleys with the appropriate attachment – and now on the wall or floor, wherever you wish. The newest member of our range of accessories is an attachment that can be mounted horizontally or vertically. It is equipped with a coupling system that creates a completely secure bond with all products in the system box line that have the same basic dimensions.

AUER Packaging Major order via major containers

Major order via major containers

Following record sales of 120 million euros in 2021, another high-water mark was recently surpassed: with a total volume of 7.9 million euros, AUER Packaging received the largest individual order in the company’s history in May 2022. A Danish company ordered a large number of the collapsible big boxes with opening flaps in the Euro pallet basic dimensions of 120 × 80 cm and a height of 100 cm. Additionally, the containers will be equipped with customer-specific lids. The KLK 1208, which is the item number of the collapsible big box in the Euro format, is used in the recycling process for PET bottles and aluminium cans.


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