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ESD storage boxes with open front

ESD storage boxes with open front: visibly protected

This is why ESD products like the ESD open-front containers are made of a special plastic to which conductive carbon fibres are added during production. This makes the containers conductive and prevents an electrostatic charge from being created by friction (ESD = electrostatic discharge). ESD products are usually black because of the carbon fibres that are used to make them. The prevention of electrostatic charges is a very important aspect of the production and storage of sensitive electronic components. This feature prevents electrostatic charges from being created by friction and impedes the development of charges during the production and storage of electronic components like computer chips, transistors, resisters and condensers.

Overview of voltage protection

With the ESD open-front containers, you can protect electronic components from electrostatic charges, parts that can be damaged by a charge of 20 volts. These components will be protected by the open-front containers during production and storage. The ESD open-front container SK is optimised for the job of storing electronic components and comes in nine sizes. It can be subdivided by using inserts as well as equipped with a lid and viewing panels. The ESD rack and material-flow boxes are available in sizes of 30 cm to 60 cm, depending on your preferred shelf depth. They are optimally designed for AUER Packaging’s ESD system trolleys. As a result, everything that you need for work is always well sorted, and you can bring your material to the very place where it is needed.

ESD drawer containers: strong momentum, no charge

The ESD drawer container made by AUER Packaging is a combination of several ESD components. The basis is formed by a transport trolley on which one or two drawer containers are placed. The drawer container with 12 insertion slots and the drawers themselves are naturally a source of friction and, thus, a source of electrostatic charging as well. ESD drawer containers can be used to easily store and transport sensitive material because every part of the containers is made of a special ESD plastic.

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