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Closable containers

Lockable containers made by AUER Packaging

The lockable containers produced by AUER Packaging feature high-quality locks that optimally protect their contents for unauthorised individuals. With the locks’ help, the job of secure provision, transport and storage is immediately simplified. The range of plastic lockable containers is large: Both Euro containers and big boxes can be combined with a locking system.

Euro containers with a locking system

The online shop of AUER Packaging offers two types of Euro-format containers with locking systems. One is the Euro container with locking system whose bottom, sides and handles are closed. This lockable container includes a hinged lid and two keyed-alike locks. For a Euro container with base dimensions of 40x30 cm, the lock is placed in the middle. The Euro container case with locking system is basically the same model, but is also equipped with one or two handles on the long or front sides. With the help of this feature, your Euro container cases become high-quality cases that can store documents and valuables. High-quality locks will keep the sensitive contents out of the hands of unauthorised individuals. The handle makes the container easy to transport. Both Euro containers are available in ESD models with locking systems.

Big boxes with locking systems

Lockable big boxes are offered along with Euro containers. These lockable boxes are used wherever large volumes or bulky goods have to be securely stored. The solid big boxes come with one of three different locking systems: a model with two fixing hinges and a tension lock (SA/SV), or a model with two fixing hinges and two padlocks with eyebolts (SA/SC). You may also select a big box that uses four padlocks (locking system SC). All complete sets are pre-installed in the factory. But they may also be ordered as individual items and added to the plastic box at a later time.

Configure your chosen item entirely in line with your needs:

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Fine-tune the item with a motif of your choice. After order completion, you will automatically receive information about next steps as well as a proof by email.

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