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Cubed foam for Euro containers

AUER Packaging Cubed foam for Euro containers Title image
  • Can be delivered from 1 unit
  • Free delivery from €250 net!

Soft padding all around

The cubed foam variant is ideal when the contents of Euro containers are to be stowed in a non-slip and shockproof manner. The pre-punched cube structure enables precise adjustment of the pad to the content, for example to a camera or measurement device. Multiple pad inserts are used depending on the height of the container, which means that the shape of the content can be reproduced three-dimensionally.
  • Individual adaptation to the most diverse objects
  • Reliable anti-slip and impact protection
  • Three-dimensional adjustment to the content possible
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Cubed foam for Euro containers

Article No.Suitable forMaterialUnit priceDimensions
L x W x H
Ready for shipment inQuantity
EG S SEWW 43/75
EG 43/75 HG, ED 43/75 HG
PU€11.0937 x 27 x 6 cmapprox. 11 business days
EG S SEWW 43/12
EG 43/12 HG, ED 43/12 HG, EDP 43/12 HG
PU€19.9037 x 27 x 11 cmapprox. 11 business days
EG S SEWW 43/17
EG 43/17 HG, ED 43/17 HG, EDP 43/17 HG
PU€28.7037 x 27 x 16 cmapprox. 11 business days
EG S SEWW 43/22
EG 43/22 HG, ED 43/22 HG, EDP 43/22 HG
PU€37.5137 x 27 x 21 cmapprox. 11 business days
EG S SEWW 43/27
EG 43/27 HG, ED 43/27 HG, EDP 43/27 HG
PU€46.3637 x 27 x 26 cmapprox. 11 business days
EG S SEWW 43/32
EG 43/32 HG, ED 43/32 HG, EDP 43/32 HG
PU€55.1537 x 27 x 31 cmapprox. 11 business days
EG S SEWW 64/75
EG 64/75 HG, ED 64/75 HG
PU€19.2156 x 36 x 6 cm
EG S SEWW 64/12
EG 64/12 HG, ED 64/12 HG, EDP 64/12 HG
PU€34.6656 x 36 x 11 cm
EG S SEWW 64/17
EG 64/17 HG, ED 64/17 HG, EDP 64/17 HG
PU€50.0956 x 36 x 16 cm
EG S SEWW 64/22
EG 64/22 HG, ED 64/22 HG, , EDP 64/22 HG
PU€65.5756 x 36 x 21 cm
EG S SEWW 64/27
EG 64/27 HG, ED 64/27 HG, EDP 64/27 HG
PU€81.0056 x 36 x 26 cm
EG S SEWW 64/32
EG 64/32 HG, ED 64/32 HG, EDP 64/32 HG
PU€96.4056 x 36 x 31 cm
EG S SEWW 64/42
EG 64/42 HG, ED 64/42 HG, EDP 64/42 HG
PU€127.4056 x 36 x 41 cm
All prices excl. VAT

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