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AUER Packaging Hitting the mark in searching for a container
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Hitting the mark in searching for a container

The traditional brand Schwalbe was the first bicycle tyre manufacturer to introduce a system for returning and recycling used bicycle tyres of all brands. Old tyres thus become new Schwalbe tyres – all without waste and with CO2 savings of 80 per cent. Although it sounds relatively simple, it requires plenty of technology and expertise in development. In addition to the technical questions about the new circular economy, there was one logistical hurdle above all: the input material has to be collected and transported across a wide area. So the list of requirements was lengthy: the container had to be extremely stable and retain its shape, so that the sides would not warp under the heavy loads. Additionally, it needed to be weatherproof, since it would be set up outdoors. And it had to have a lid in order to protect the contents from weather conditions. And, finally, the container should collapsible to save space during transport back to its location. The search engine returned a single manufacturer that met these criteria: AUER Packaging. The winner was the collapsible large load carrier GLT 1210/125 with place-on lid – produced in black from reclaimed materials to match the customer and the topic. Following the successful project launch, there are currently 2,000 AUER boxes being used as the fundamental component of Schwalbe’s new logistics system for bicycle tyre recycling.

AUER Packaging AUER GmbH to become new umbrella brand

AUER GmbH to become new umbrella brand

AUER Packaging GmbH to become AUER GmbH: The new name provides a solid foundation for the company’s existing brand structure. Over the course of the 35-year history of the company, we have developed multiple product lines that are directed at different target groups. Now it’s time to give the company a new structure to help our customers better find their way in our brand and product portfolio.

To date, the company had done business as AUER Packaging GmbH – and the products in the transport and logistics segment were sold under this name. In April 2022 we added the lifestyle brand ROBERT AUER, which complements the portfolio with products in the kitchen and living segment. To create greater clarity, AUER Packaging and ROBERT AUER will be continued as independent brands under the shared umbrella of AUER GmbH going forward.

AUER Packaging Mounted on the wall or floor

Mounted on the wall or floor

The heart of the system boxes made by AUER Packaging is their innovative coupling system. The system enables the boxes to be quickly and securely attached to one another, on special transport rollers, on hand trolleys with the appropriate attachment – and now on the wall or floor, wherever you wish. The newest member of our range of accessories is an attachment that can be mounted horizontally or vertically. It is equipped with a coupling system that creates a completely secure bond with all products in the system box line that have the same basic dimensions.

AUER Packaging Major order via major containers

Major order via major containers

Following record sales of 120 million euros in 2021, another high-water mark was recently surpassed: with a total volume of 7.9 million euros, AUER Packaging received the largest individual order in the company’s history in May 2022. A Danish company ordered a large number of the collapsible big boxes with opening flaps in the Euro pallet basic dimensions of 120 × 80 cm and a height of 100 cm. Additionally, the containers will be equipped with customer-specific lids. The KLK 1208, which is the item number of the collapsible big box in the Euro format, is used in the recycling process for PET bottles and aluminium cans.

AUER Packaging New IBC bag in box gets started

New IBC bag in box gets started

The IBC family is growing! ‘IBC’ stands for ‘intermediate bulk containers’ and describes plastic containers for storing and transporting liquids and pasty contents. To date, customers could choose between the classic non-foldable container with a steel tube frame and integrated plastic pallet and the foldable bag-in-box system, which involves packaging the contents in cost-effective liner bags. The load-bearing element in this design is a stable plastic container which, when not in use, can be collapsed to save space. But an IBC is often acquired for continuous use, and filling as well as removing the contents is done from above. This is where the new non-foldable version comes in, which is significantly more cost-effective but just as stable. A stainless-steel filling bridge comes with the new bag-in-box IBC as standard which can be used to fill and empty the liner bags. The bag-in-box IBC is available with a capacity of 250, 500 and 600 litres.



Our next product innovation of the year just went online: starting immediately, the popular insertable bins that ensure perfect order in our assortment boxes can also easily be used in Euro containers. This is made possible by a special insert in which the insertable bins are perfectly placed. Thanks to recesses which the insertable bins click into according to the building block principle, they are affixed to prevent slipping – even if the container is only partially loaded. The adjustment grid of the insert enables individual loading with all models of insertable bins.

AUER Packaging Fresh green for the kitchen

Fresh green for the kitchen

The time has come: our brand-new and fresh brand has been online since 30 March! With the expertise in plastic design and in processing which we have gained over 30 years in the packaging sector, we are launching an entirely new product world to the market. Plain and simple, the new brand is named after its originator: Robert Auer. More than 70 innovative kitchen products – from measuring spoons to steam cookers – are available to choose from for the brand launch. What all the products have in common is the premium design with a clear colour and form language, the extremely sophisticated functionality of each individual product and the consistent use of high-quality plastics. Over the medium term, the range will also be expanded to the living segment – a designer chair is nearly ready for series production. All products and additional information can be found at

AUER Packaging Set for growth

Set for growth

2021 was a year marked by strong growth at AUER Packaging. Key foundations had already been laid in this respect in 2020 by focusing on improved efficiency and more effective logistics. The massive expansion of the warehousing and dispatch team, the digitalisation of logistics processes and a further increase in production capacities led to record sales of almost EUR 120 million in 2021. The previous record level from 2018 was therefore surpassed by about 20%. EBITDA grew continually from EUR 14.7 million in 2018 to 29.6 million in 2021. This was outdone only by the growth of our team in this period, namely from 70 to about 200 employees.

AUER Packaging First product innovations for 2022 online

First product innovations for 2022 online

Numerous innovative product enhancements are planned for 2022. The first of these are already available in the online shop: To bring even more order to our popular rack boxes, precisely fitting partitions are now available. The partitions are inserted into the guide slots on the walls of the containers to ensure a secure hold. Not only do they look chic with their bevelled front edge, they are also especially ergonomic.

The second innovation that is already available are the cubed foam inserts for Euro containers. They have already successfully proven their worth with protective cases and now ensure that the content of Euro containers can also be stowed in a non-slip and shockproof manner. The pre-punched cube structure enables precise adjustment of the pad to the content, for example to a camera or measurement device. Multiple pad inserts can be used depending on the height of the container, which means that the shape of the content can be reproduced three-dimensionally.

AUER Packaging First trade-fair appearance in two years

First trade-fair appearance in two years

Finally back at a trade fair – and at the leading packaging exhibition at that! The industry visitors at FachPack 2021 in Nuremberg had an opportunity to learn all about our comprehensive, proven and cross-industry line of products at our approximately 440-square-metre booth. AUER Packaging was the exhibitor with the most spacious booth at the trade fair. “The opportunity to meet in person once again with customers, partners and journalists after such a long time and to see them once again in the productive atmosphere of FachPack after the extended, corona-driven discontinuation of exhibitions was worth its weight in gold,” said Robert and Philipp Auer, the Managing Directors of AUER Packaging. “FachPack was and is the industry’s leading meeting site – we were happy that we were able to be there once again and have the size of booth that visitors are used to seeing!”


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