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IBC containers Classic

AUER Packaging IBC containers Classic Title image
  • Can be delivered from 1 unit

The classic

AUER Packaging's IBC container is the ideal storage and transportation container for liquids of all kinds. The water tank has an impressive capacity of 1,000 litres and is exceptionally easy to use. For the transport of dangerous goods, an UN-approved version of the IBC container is also available.
  • 1,000 litres volume
  • Low tare weight fluctuations
  • Reusable
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IBC containers with plastic pallet

Outer dimensions
L x W x H
Article No.InletOutlet valveUN approvalPrice for
single unit
Units per stack
on truck
Unit price
on truck
Ready for shipment inQuantity
120 x 100 x 116 cm
IBC 1000 K 150.50
NW 150NW 50€275.162
approx. 2 business days
120 x 100 x 116 cm
IBC 1000 K 225.80
NW 225NW 80€281.152
approx. 2 business days
120 x 100 x 116 cm
IBC 1000 K 150.50-UN
NW 150NW 50UN 31HA1/Y€283.132
approx. 2 business days
120 x 100 x 116 cm
IBC 1000 K 225.80-UN
NW 225NW 80UN 31HA1/Y€289.162
approx. 2 business days
All prices excl. VAT

Intermediate bulk containers made by AUER Packaging

What are the strengths and features of IBCs?

The IBC made by AUER Packaging is the optimal way to store and transport liquids. An integrated pallet forms the base of the container and creates a high level of stacking security. The tough and reusable plastic container is surrounded by a frame made of welded and galvanised metal tubes. It is a feature that lends a high degree of strength to the liquid-holding container. The IBC water tank also has tremendous capacity and is easy to use. As an option, the IBC comes with UN authorisation for the transport of dangerous goods. The classic intermediate bulk container can be supplied with a plastic or wooden base, depending on your particular needs. In AUER Packaging’s online shop, you can also select the size of the inlet opening and the outlet valve on the IBC tank.

The IBC has a capacity of 1,000 litres and is extremely stable as a result of its design. Thanks to its integrated pallet, the IBC is best-equipped for conveying technology and storage in a high-bay storage system. The container can be easily cleaned after use and is ready for its next job. If you would rather forget about the cleaning, you can use the bag-in-box system made by AUER Packaging. These liquid-storing and transporting containers employ disposable liners that you can replace after use. This option eliminates the cleaning work while maintaining the high level of hygiene.

Functionality of the intermediate bulk container

The IBC water tank is simple to operate: Liquid is poured through the inlet opening in the top of the container and is securely stored in it as a result. The outlet valve is securely protected by a seal until the time comes to remove the initial amount of liquid. It breaks when the first filling step is taken. While liquid is being drained from the IBC, a butterfly valve enables the amount being drained to be measured precisely. As a result, you will release exactly the amount of liquid that you really need.

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