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Screws & nuts

Article No.DescriptionUnit priceQuantity
SFK 4x12-KPan head screw, Torx screw for thermoplastics€0.04
SFK 6x14-KPan head screw, Torx screw for thermoplastics€0.04
SFK 16x12Special screw SKS€1.58
SFR 10x35Round-head screw with Torx T40on request
SSK 3x12-KCountersunk screw, Torx screw for thermoplastics€0.13
SSK 4x24-KCountersunk screw, Torx screw for thermoplastics€0.14
SSK 6x8Screw M6x8 ISO 10642€0.18
SSK 6x12Screw M6x12 ISO 10642€0.14
SSK 6x14-LTorx countersunk screw for light metals KN5041-strax-6x14-T30€0.07
SSK 6x16-KCountersunk screw, Torx screw for thermoplastics€0.14
SZK 8x40Cylinder head screw M8x40 ISO 4762€0.52
GP EK025Rubber cushion€1.34
GP 1712Rubber cushion€0.15
GP 1745Rubber cushion€0.15
BN 4x10Blind rivets Ø4x10 AIA/St, Øk12€0.10
F8x57Spiral spring Ø8 x 57 F=28€0.06
SCH M8Washer M8 ISO 7090€0.04
MU M6Nut M6 DIN 1661€0.07
MU M8-FNut M8 ISO 4035€0.08
MU M8-SCap nut M8 DIN 982 (self-locking)€0.50
0/0624/001/01Hexagon nuts Cl.8€0.01
0/2171/001/01Eyebolts Type 48 with metric thread€0.24
0/0350/002/01Semi-round head screw€0.02
0/0617/001/01Cap nut, low form€0.02
0/0012/001/01Round-head screw with square neck€0.08
0/0690/001/01Hexagonal nut€0.04
0/3349/000/62Round-head screw with square neck€0.18
0/3386/000/01Hexagonal nut€0.12
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