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Drawer containers

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  • AUER Packaging Icon Box Can be delivered from 1 unit
  • AUER Packaging Icon Truck Free delivery from £250 net!
Always at hand
AUER Packaging's drawer container is both practical and inexpensive. Thanks to its rugged modular design, the system can accommodate a large number of parts. The complete system consists of a transport trolley and drawer container, two drawer holders and six drawers. Also available as single components.
  • Total load-bearing capacity: 70 kg
  • 12 insertion grooves for drawers
  • 2-12 drawers per container
  • Stops prevent the drawers from sliding out
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Drawer containers Complete system

Article No.EquipmentPrice for
single unit
Units on
Unit price
on pallet
SB-S2+2 x Container equipped with: 2 x SB.H, 2 x W24-t, 2 x W84-t, 2 x W172-t, 1 x SB.RO£189.1415£145.49
SB-S11 x Container equipped with: 1 x SB.H, 1 x W24-t, 1 x W84-t, 1 x W172-t£85.4625£65.74

Drawer containers Single components

Outer dimensions
L x W x H
Article No.DescriptionColourPrice for
single unit
Units on
Unit price
on pallet
60 x 40 x 43.5 cmSB.42Drawer container including a hinged lid with an open long side
40.7 x 36.7 x 3.3 cmSB.HDrawer holder with a maximum of 12 insertion grooves
53 x 36 x 2 cmW24-tDrawer, up to 12 drawers per box
53 x 36 x 8.5 cmW84-tDrawer, up to 4 drawers per box
53 x 36 x 17.5 cmW172-tDrawer, up to 2 drawers per box
62 x 42 cmSB.ROTransport trolley with four castors, including two castors with brakes on the long side


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