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Plastic pails made by AUER Packaging

What are the strengths and features of a pail with a lid?

The plastic pails with lids produced by AUER Packaging are the ideal way to store and transport liquid and solid materials as well as small amounts of bulk goods. They are made of food-safe polypropylene (PP) and come in various forms and sizes. Thanks to their exceptional strengths, plastic buckets have become the packaging of choice in many areas. The new pail series made by AUER Packaging is filled with innovations: With the help of computer control, the pail and handle are available in a range of colours. A cutting-edge in-mould process makes it possible to create special imprints. This option turns boring, single-colour plastic buckets into things of the past. An innovative, tamper-evident safety seal has been developed as well: This feature ensures that the lid has not been opened since the product was closed. The closure also serves as a lever that can be used to open the bucket. A long-term test conducted by AUER also determined that all buckets with lids in this product line are completely sealed, a feature that makes them ideal for transporting liquids.

How many models of food-safe pails does AUER Packaging make?

You can order a wide range of plastic pail models from the online shop of AUER Packaging. You can choose from round, oval or rectangular forms as well as from a number of different sizes. Round pails made of plastic have capacities that range from 0.55 litre to 32 litres. Pails with capacities of up to 20 litres include a plastic handle as a standard feature. This handle can be replaced with a metal grip for an extra price. The larger models with capacities of up to 22 litres do not include a handle as a standard feature. But they can be equipped with a metal handle upon request. The oval pail has a capacity of 18.8 litres. A rectangular pail has just been added to the product line. This pail comes with capacities that range from 2.6 litres to 22 litres and can also be used for food. White is the standard colour for all three models of plastic pails. But you can select from a number of special colours in the online shop operated by AUER Packaging.

Where can plastic pails be used?

The pails are suited not just for things like wall paint, ketchup, mustard, glue, nails or animal feed: Anything that is solid, liquid or pasty will feel right at home in the food-safe plastic pails made by AUER Packaging. Thanks to the secure mechanism equipped with single rim closure system and anti-lid lifting protection, the plastic buckets made by AUER Packaging are particularly well-suited for food storage.

In-mould labelling: pails with special effects

In-mould labelling (IML) enables brilliant, customised and scratch-resistant imprints to be created for the plastic pails. The imprint can be created for the entire outside of the pail and for the lid (all the way to the edge). Another innovation of the IML process is the impressive effects that it produces. From fragrance printing and a range of haptic surfaces to thermochromic ink colours and much more, in-mould labelling enables every wish for pails to come true.

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