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Space-saving containers

Space-saving containers made by AUER Packaging

A key feature of the space-saving containers produced by AUER Packaging is the significantly reduced volume they have when empty. You can either fold them or stack them inside one another. The result is particularly effective and low-cost return and empty transports. When folded out, the space-saving containers are just as effective in terms of stability and load capacity as their non-collapsible cousins are. And why not? These plastic AUER boxes are produced exclusively in Germany and meet the highest quality standards.

Models of space-saving containers

The online shop operated by AUER Packaging offers a broad number of plastic space-saving containers for the widest range of uses. The typical foldable box is filled with detailed functional solutions that include a simple, fast unlocking mechanism, a feature that enables the plastic container to quickly fit right into everyday operations. The series of KLT boxes also includes a foldable model. You can significantly reduce your warehouse costs by using foldable KLT boxes. When empty, they can also be quickly folded into a compact format in just a few steps. The product line of space-saving containers is complemented by a really practical reusable container. With or without a lid, this plastic box turns out to be a real jack-of-all-trades. The reusable containers can save a tremendous amount of space when they are stacked into one another. With the help of stacking frames, they are easy to stack high as well. The collapsible big box solid is a must-have for the transport of larger volume. It impresses users with its four foldable side walls and can be stacked when it is folded or covered with a lid.

The strengths of space-saving containers

Using space-saving containers pays off in many ways. First, your costs will fall soon after you begin to use them. The reason? The size of the plastic boxes can be reduced by up to 82% when they are folded. The use of space-saving containers lowers warehouse and transport costs as a result while increasing the efficiency of your company. Second, a lid and a number of different seals will provide optimal security to your loads. Plastic space-saving containers made by AUER are also designed for established pallet sizes, a feature that facilitates the optimal use of space. Long service life is assured thanks to the high-quality way that these plastic containers are made. By using plastic foldable containers, you will help to protect the environment and simultaneously increase your efficiency – what are you waiting for?

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