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Plastic pallets

Plastic pallets made by AUER Packaging

The plastic pallets produced by AUER Packaging outclass their conventional wooden counterparts in many ways: The strengths of these pallets include their significantly lower weight and their resistance to mould. In addition, they have no dangerous splinters or exposed nails. You can use plastic Euro pallets for everyday operations in your company to simply move products from point A to point B. They are specially designed to handle heavy loads, are machine transportable and are based on EURO or ISO formats.

The characteristics of plastic pallets

Plastic Euro pallets have much longer service lives than conventional wooden pallets do. They are designed for higher rotation numbers and have to be replaced much less frequently as a result. Thanks to their composition, plastic pallets are not subject to mould and fungi. The smooth surface also makes cleaning a breeze. For this reason, plastic pallets are frequently used in such sectors as the food and pharmaceutical industries. The plastic pallets made by AUER Packaging are the right choice for any area that puts a premium on hygiene. Plastic Euro pallets are an exceptional way to prevent injuries and damage: The material is free of exposed nails and splinters that could damage your products or injure your employees. When it comes to weight, plastic pallets outperform their wooden counterparts. The weight of the pallet varies by model. But the plastic pallets made by AUER Packaging are weight neutral and do not soak up water when stored outdoors.

Models of plastic pallets

Lightweight pallets are characterised by their low weight, a feature that has no effect on their load-bearing strength. They are also designed to be used in global exports. Hygienic pallets with a solid base – a product that is also known as cleanroom pallets – are particularly easy to clean. This is a feature that ideally suits them for use in food handling. Normal hygienic pallets are also safe for food and are available in special colours upon request. AUER Packaging also offers a lower-priced plastic pallet model made of reclaimed material – for example the medium pallet whose weight lies between that of a lightweight pallet and the hygienic pallet. But these pallets are not hygienically flawless. For this reason, pallets made of brand-new plastic are better suited for the job of storing and transporting food. The load capacity of medium pallets and cleanroom pallets can be increased by using optional steel-tube reinforcements.

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