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Euro containers solid

AUER Packaging Euro containers solid Title image
  • Can be delivered from 1 unit
  • Customisable
  • Free delivery from £230 net!

Sense of order

AUER Packaging's solid-walled Euro container is an impressive combination of inimitable, simple design and great stability. Its robustness and high quality materials make this Euro box particularly durable and consequently economical.
  • Acid and alkali-resistant
  • All commonly used Euro formats
  • Cold and heat-resistant
  • Suitable for conveyor systems
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Euro containers solid

Outer dimensions
L x W x H
Article No.Handles frontHandles long sideBase designColourPrice for
single unit
Units on
Unit price
on pallet
Ready for shipment inQuantity
20 x 15 x 12 cm
EG 21512
Smooth, closed
30 x 20 x 12 cm
EG 32/12 HG
Smooth, closed
30 x 20 x 17 cm
EG 32/17 HG
Smooth, closed
40 x 30 x 7.5 cm
EG 43/75 HG
Smooth, closed
40 x 30 x 12 cm
EG 43/12
Smooth, closed
40 x 30 x 17 cm
EG 43/17
40 x 30 x 22 cm
EG 43/22
40 x 30 x 27 cm
EG 43/27
40 x 30 x 32 cm
EG 43/32
60 x 40 x 7.5 cm
EG 64/75
Smooth, closed
60 x 40 x 12 cm
EG 64/12
60 x 40 x 17 cm
EG 64/17
60 x 40 x 22 cm
EG 64/22
60 x 40 x 27 cm
EG 64/27 WB
60 x 40 x 32 cm
EG 64/32 WB
60 x 40 x 42 cm
EG 64/42
80 x 60 x 12 cm
EG 86/12 HG
Reinforced, closed
80 x 60 x 22 cm
EG 86/22
Reinforced, closed
80 x 60 x 32 cm
EG 86/32
Reinforced, closed
80 x 60 x 42 cm
EG 86/42
Reinforced, closed
80 x 60 x 52 cm
EG 86/52
Reinforced, closed
All prices excl. VAT

The solid Euro containers made by AUER Packaging

What are the strengths and features of solid Euro containers?

Euro containers are plastic vessels whose basic dimensions conform to the Euro format. They are based on the distribution of surface area that is set at 120x80 cm or 120x100 cm. Every Euro container, no matter its base dimensions, can be placed precisely onto the surface area of a Euro pallet thanks to its flush arrangement. Even if you use a mix of several different Euro boxes, you will always end up with the exact dimensions of a standardised pallet. The solid Euro containers made by AUER Packaging are both lightweight and extremely stable. Thanks to their cleverly designed struts, the plastic lightweight Euro boxes are capable of carrying heavy fill weights. The top edge and bottom of Euro boxes are designed in such a way that enables them to be stably and safely stacked – when they are both empty and filled. This is also the case for Euro containers with hinged lids that protect contents from dust, UV radiation and splash water as well as prevent items from falling out. Thanks to their smooth internal walls, these stackable containers are a breeze to clean and are particularly hygienic as a result. Like all containers made by AUER Packaging, stackable Euro boxes are easy to handle thanks to their ergonomic grips. All models are available with optional closed grips. The Euro containers are designed for use with conveying equipment. (Errors and omissions excepted. We recommend that you check everything in advance to ensure that it functions properly.)

Where can Euro boxes be used?

AUER’s stackable Euro containers feature an integrated, water-and-air-permeable smooth surface. Such a feature enables it to be universally used for the purposes of transport or the storage of components and products in industry, trades and crafts and catering. Retailers from small businesses to supermarkets store all sorts of products in Euro boxes. If, by contrast, stored products need to have some exposure to air, perforated Euro containers are the better choice. These containers allow moisture to quickly drain away when used in such places as dish washers. We also offer meat crates that are specially designed for meat transport and storage.

Which models of Euro containers are available?

Solid Euro containers come in a range of sizes, with a surface area of 20x15 cm to 80x60 cm. The sizes are based on standard Euro dimensions. The range of heights extends from 7.5 cm to 42 cm. You can choose from seven different heights in the most popular base dimension 60x40 cm. The standard colour of AUER’s Euro containers is grey. A wide range of special colours is available as well – starting at an order total of one unit. One interesting variation is the Euro container case, a practical product that is created by adding a lid, hinges and one or two handles to a standard Euro box.

Configure your chosen item entirely in line with your needs:

Select the required colour for the individual components of the item.


Fine-tune the item with a motif of your choice. After order completion, you will automatically receive information about next steps as well as a proof by email.

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